List of under construction projects

  1. Investment, construction, operation and transferring the project of water pipeline to Garmsar city with B.O.T scheme and two hydropower powerhouses with B.O.O scheme

  2. Galikesh-Tangrah road.

  3. Water transmition line from Kalpoosh dam to Shahrood city.(First Part)

  4. Constructing the concrete dam of Akhand

  5. Construction of alternative road , diversion system and body of TARAZ dam.

  6. Building Projects.


List of executed projects

  1. Flood Protective dike of Zabol city.

  2. Intake canal of Zehak spillway.

  3. Protective dike of Sistan River.

  4. Shirdel diversion dam.

  5. Golpayegan irrigation network.

  6. Dam, irrigation and drainage network, pump station and pipeline of Zarivar Lake.

  7. Karanlou Lime stone mine of Moghan.

  8. Sugar cane development. (Salmane Farsi unit)

  9. Protection dike of Hamoun Lake.

  10. Transfer lines for northern and eastern siphons of Sattarkhan damís network.

  11. Diversion dam and canals of Roudbar.

  12. Reservoir control structure of Chahnimeh 4 dam and construction of canals.

  13. Nohob reservoir damís diversion system.

  14. Alibolaghi and western Balekhli chaiís Irrigation and drainage network and pump stations of Ardebil dam.

  15. Pipe Jacking under ring road and railway of Takestan.

  16. Raees Ali delvariís Irrigation and drainage network. (Shabankareh)

  17. Main camp and the diversion system of Marash dam.

  18. Barandooz Chai damís diversion system.

  19. Diversion and bottom outlet tunnel and the access road of Bahoush dam

  20. Zahedan-Bam road.

  21. Kalpoosh Reservoir and diversion dam and pump station and pipeline.

  22. Chahnimeh 4 damís Independent Outlet.

  23. The four-lane road of Lordegan-Broujen.

  24. Water transmission channel from the outlet of Daredozdan tunnel to Daredaei dike.