Since execution of any infra structure projects such as construction of roads, diversion or reservoir dams, water supply and or irrigation and drainage systems, etc. are always considered as the bases of the development and progress in the developing countries, the government of Islamic Republic of Iran has paid special attention in the first and second development plans to allocate the required facilities and resources to fundamental projects such as construction of dams as well as Hydro-electric power plants & earth works.


In comply with practical partnership on above activities, Iranian Water & Power Projects Engineering Company PANIR was established in conjunction with its employments of highly experienced engineers and specialists to endeavor to the aims and goals of the Islamic revolution and to take effective steps together with other expertise in further development of the country during reconstruction period.

The company enjoying its highly efficient manpower and machineries & equipment has managed to obtain Grade 6 of the Plan & Budget Organization which was the highest ranking in irrigation and water supply at early 1992 and later on, subsequent to the changes notified to Iran’s Management & Planning Organization by the Board of Ministers concerning new evaluation principals for certifying contractor’s capabilities, the company was qualified in grades as follows:


1-Grade 1 in Water fields, the highest grade in construction works related to Dams & diversion dikes, Hydro-electric power plants & hydraulic structures and water diversion tunnels, water reservoirs and supplying and distribution networks, sewage water and treatment plants and water conduction channels and drainage systems, sea &  in shore structures, Pools & basins for fisheries multiplication and etc.

2-Grade 1 in road and transportation including road , airport & infrastructure of railway.

3-Grade 4 in Mechanical works (which is being converted into grade 2) covering oil, gas & water transmission lines, hydraulic and mechanical installations, building’s heating and cooling systems as well as building installations, etc.

4-Grade 2 in bulk construction from Iranian mass construction union.