List of executed projects

  1. Flood Protective dike of Zabol City.
  2. Intake Channel of Zehak Spillway.
  3. Protective Dike of Sistan River.
  4. Shirdel Diversion Dam.
  5. Golpayegan Irrigation Network.
  6. Dam, Irrigation and Drainage Network of Marivan (Zarivar Lake).
  7. Karanlou   LimeStone MinesofMoghan.
  8. Sugar Cane Development ( Salman-e-Farsi Unit).
  9. Construction of Protection Dike around Hamoon Lake (C03 Project)
  10. North and East Siphons of Sattarkhan Network.
  11. Diversion Dam and Lateral Channels of Rudbar.
  12. Chahnimeh 4, Water way & Control Structure.
  13. Nohob dam (DiversionSystem).
  14. Alibolaghi and Balekhlychay Irrigation Network.
  15. Pipe jacking under ring road and railway related to the 7.5 km Takestanís artificial feeding canal.
  16. Shabankareh   Irrigation & Drainage network.
  17. Main camp & the diversion system of Marash reservoir dam.
  18. Barandooz chai reservoir damís diversion system.

List of under construction projects

  1. Kalpoosh reservoir Dam &Pump station &pipeline.
  2. Chahnimeh 4 reservoirís independent outlet.
  3. Diversion and bottom outlet tunnel and the access road of Bahoush dam

  4. Four lane road Lordegan-Boroujen.
  5. Improving and widening Galikesh-Tangrah road.
  6. Widening Bam-Zahedan road.
  7. Investment, construction, operation and transferring the project of water pipeline to Garmsar city with B.O.T method and two hydropower powerhouses with B.O.O method
  8. Tafresh Grand Market